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Our Story

In 2007, Rolling Hills Mobile Home Park opened its doors with the mission of providing a safe location for Iowa families to live, grow, and prosper.


As a family owned company, they understand the importance of providing a high-quality life for their loved ones. They pride themselves on the high quality and personal service. Tenants are vital parts of their family and as such their needs are met, an on-going communication is established and their experience a pleasant one.


Rolling Hills’ CEO and VP, Jose Leaños and Ana Garcia have worked tirelessly to make the mobile home park unique and the best in town. They both got into this business after seeing how many inconveniences and not so pleasant circumstances tenants had to deal with. Therefore, they hoped to set themselves apart from the rest and make a difference with this new venture.


It is no secret that affordable housing is scarce at this moment. Often, affordable locations and spaces come along with more issues than solutions. Rolling Hills is one of the few mobile home parks that is affordable and well-taken care of.


The average rental cost in the Des Moines Metro Area is quite high for working families, so at Rolling Hills the lot rental cost is starting at $300 and management makes themselves available to find what works best for our current and potential tenants. As more individuals make Rolling Hills their home, the management team has made it a priority to update all the working parts of the business. 


Rolling Hills is not done growing yet! They are constantly adding mobile homes to the already existing. Jose, Ana and the Rolling Hills team envision filling up every corner of their mobile home park with the same mission and vision in mind. 


Rolling Hills is not just a piece of land, it's a place to establish your home.

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